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Dear Successful HVAC Companies & Professionals,

Imagine what it would be like if you had an UNSTOPPABLE LEAD GENERATION MACHINE that produced laser-targeted, highly-profitable, EXCLUSIVE HVAC SERVICE & REPAIR LEADS for your sale team to follow up with every single month.

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Would this help you reach your goals faster?

We’re asking because we’re ON A MISSION to setup an Exclusive Partnership with ONE SUCCESSFUL RESIDENTIAL HVAC COMPANY in YOUR AREA who is looking to take their online presence to a whole new level.

Our business coaches and industry colleagues think we’re crazy for doing this, but we don’t care.

Let’s jump into a case study of a family-owned HVAC service company located in Phoenix, AZ, who was presented the same exact opportunity from Online Visibility Pros.

Our exclusivity partnership sounded really good to the owner, Chris, especially since he knew we wouldn’t work with any of his competitors and, at the time, he was barely generating a trickle of leads from the Internet.

Chris knew at this point that his business needed to be more visible on the search engines — Google, Bing and Yahoo — for profitable keywords or he was going to have a tough time taking his HVAC business to the next level.

He needed help.

Fast forward 5 years after being partnered with Online Visibility Pros, Chris’s HVAC company generated OVER 81,000 WEBSITE VISITORS and 4,079 EXCLUSIVE LEADS for his sales team to follow up with, set an appointment, and ultimately make the sale.


Website traffic growth over 5 years:

hvac website marketing results

Lead generation results produced over the same 5 year span:

hvac company lead generation results

Cost-per-lead comparison chart of Chris’s cost-per-lead for the 5 years analyzed against what the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) average cost-per-lead for the HVAC industry:

hvac marketing cost per lead

To simplify the results even more for you, here’s a summary of website visitors and lead generation results for Chris’s HVAC business:

hvac website traffic and lead generation results

hvac website marketing SEO results

So how did we level the playing field for Chris and help him position his family-owned HVAC business in a major metropolitan area like Phoenix, AZ in a way online to help him build an Unstoppable Lead Generation Machine that he can’t turn off now even if he tried?

Here’s a quick breakdown of the different strategies we implemented each year in order to produce these amazing results — from a trickle of internet leads to 1,271 exclusive leads in the first year and then 4,079 exclusive leads in our 5th year working together.

  • Year 1: new website; branding remodel; optimize Google My Business; NAP foundation setup; SEO foundation setup; launch Google Ads; monthly email newsletter launched
  • Year 2: turnkey review system integrated; website optimization; more high-quality content; launch repurposing of content; monthly email newsletter
  • Year 3: integrated new plumbing division; new video commercial; Google Remarketing launched; website optimization; monthly email newsletter; turnkey review system
  • Year 4: more aggressive PPC; SEO in new territories launched; Facebook Retargeting launched; website optimization; monthly email newsletter; turnkey review system
  • Year 5: print ad graphic support; Google local service ads launched; Bing Ads launched; website optimization; monthly email newsletter; turnkey review system

So if you’d like to APPLY to be the ONE HVAC COMPANY in YOUR AREA that our team will bust our butt to generate EXCLUSIVE, PROFITABLE HVAC LEADS to add to your sales pipeline every month, then complete the form below to get started.


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A BBB Accredited Business With An A+ Rating

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