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Why are these slots limited?


We may not be able to work with you based on your business type and location. We offer ‘Exclusivity’ to all of our Private Clients protecting the integrity of our relationships with them. We value our clients more than you know and are fully committed to helping them achieve their goals without any unnecessary distractions getting in the way.

Reason #2:

There are literally only a few slots available per day for Strategy Calls.

If after reviewing your application, we come to find out that we’re already working with another business in your category and location, we will let you know immediately and cancel our Strategy Call. As I state above, we only work with one business per category per location. We do this so we can focus on helping that one business dominate their niche market online and help to explode appointments, sales and profits.

We often have folks come to our website with lots of questions on how to improve their internet marketing campaigns. They’ve seen all the success stories of our clients and they want to know more. But, because the subject of Internet marketing can be quite complex at times, they’re not quite sure what’s right for them or where they should start. We’re here to answer any questions you may have, help you determine where you are with your Internet marketing and lead generation campaigns right now, and help you determine what the best next steps would be for you and your business at this time. By requesting this strategy call, you are in no way obligating yourself to purchase anything from us.

If you’d prefer to schedule your strategy call by phone, please call (888) 593-0505 and one of our helpful team members will assist you. Thank you and we look forward to connecting with you soon.